Ultimate DeFi Protocols Guide

I want to share with you workflow with the most important DeFi protocols and how to interact with them.


Let me first explain where does this come from. My name is Juan, I’m a developer from Argentina living in New Zealand. I run a Youtube channel called CryptoSheinix where I explain different aspects of crypto, DeFi and Blockchain technology in general. I usually do Spanish content, but every now and then I post english content as well.

Crypto Sheinix DeFi Starter Kit

I have created a workflow that explains some of the most popular interactions that you can do in DeFi. I hope this can be helpful for all sorts of DeFi users, whereas you are and experienced degen or a newbie to the space, hopefully this workflow will give you an overall idea of the things you can do in DeFi and how everything is put together.

DeFi & Crypto Starter Kit

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