Unlocking Scalability and Efficiency with zkSync and ZK Rollup Architecture

3 min readApr 13

Discover the power of zkSync, a Layer 2 protocol that enhances Ethereum’s throughput and transaction finality.


In the world of blockchain technology, scalability is a challenge that many projects face. One promising solution to improve Ethereum’s transaction throughput is zkSync, a Layer 2 (L2) protocol based on Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollup architecture. This blog post provides an overview of zkSync and its key features, such as maximum throughput, transaction finality, instant confirmations, and resilience during mainnet congestion.

zkSync: A ZK Rollup-based L2 Protocol

zkSync is an L2 protocol that leverages ZK rollup architecture, a subset of the rollup family. In this architecture, funds are held by a smart contract on the main chain, while computation and storage take place off-chain. The primary concept involves “rolling up” transactions into a single rollup block, which is then verified, approving all transactions simultaneously.

How zkSync Works

  1. Users sign transactions and submit them to validators.
  2. Validators roll up thousands of transactions into a single block, submit a cryptographic commitment (the root hash) of the new state to the mainnet smart contract, and provide a cryptographic proof (a SNARK) that this new state results from applying correct transactions to the previous state.
  3. A small amount of data for each transaction (the state ∆) is published as cheap calldata over the main chain network, allowing anyone to reconstruct the state at any moment.
  4. The smart contract verifies the proof and the state ∆, ensuring the validity of all included transactions and block data availability.

zkRollup architecture offers several guarantees, such as preventing state corruption and fund theft, enabling users to retrieve funds even if validators stop cooperating, and maintaining the underlying L1’s security guarantees without requiring users or trusted third parties to be online for fraud prevention.

zkSync’s Key Features:

🛥 Maximum Throughput

zkSync can process over 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) due to its support of recursion on the mainnet. This increased throughput…


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